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Rooftop Solar Solutions for Residential Users

In India, power cuts are still quite common and there isn’t any state in the country in the country, where people don’t experience power cuts. This situation is worse in our rural areas, where several hours of power cuts may be daily story.  Huge burden on the power girds results in power outages with even the big metropolitan cities facing power-cuts, especially during the summer months. Many households in India, recognizing solar power as a reliable and economically viable source of power, have installed solar rooftop systems.

Why Solar?

The biggest incentive for installing a rooftop solar plant is the economic aspect. You can save your hefty monthly electricity bills and solar energy has emerged as one of the most promising and widely accepted renewable energy source today.

Solar plants can provide free, uninterrupted electricity for the years together while at the same time contribute towards a greener environment. Rooftop solar plants are also easy to install and require minimal maintenance.


The electricity produced in excess can be sold to the grid through net-metering facility directly impacting the existing electricity bills. With depleting fossil fuel reserves, accelerated environmental degradation and pressure on the power generation infrastructure, the government has taken various steps in form of subsidies to accelerate adoption of solar energy.


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