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Rooftop Solar Solutions for Commercial Users

Electricity expenses constitute a significant cost in overall operations for any commercial establishment. Most modern offices have large number of computers & other electronic devices, centralized HVAC systems, etc., which run continuously for long hours everyday resulting in high electricity costs. This cost increases exponentially with increase in size of building and manpower. Rooftop solar plants in recent times have emerged as the ideal solution to reduce this expenditure of electricity bills by as much as 70%.

Need for Solar Energy

The biggest incentive for installing a rooftop solar plant is the economic aspect. Solar energy has emerged as one of the most promising and widely accepted renewable energy source today. With help of Solar plant, you can sell this energy back to your service provider through net-metering facility directly impacting the existing electricity bills and at the same time contribute towards a greener environment.

With depleting fossil fuel reserves, accelerated environmental degradation and pressure on the power generation infrastructure, the government has taken various steps in form of subsidies to accelerate adoption of solar energy.

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