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Module Mounting Structure

Jakson manufactures solar PV module mounting structures for both land based and rooftop solar power plants. Our solar structures combine optimum dimensioning, short mounting times, economic efficiency and maximum durability to ensure optimal returns on investments for all kinds of PV installations. Jakson module mounting structures are available as standard individual units or built to meet the specific requirements of customers. Our solar panel mounting structure design can be customized to fit all types of PV modules and can be optimized for varied soil types - from sandy deserts to hard rocky terrain. The arrangement of modules can either be Landscape or Portrait Orientated.

Our roof solar mounting structure can be attached directly to the rooftop or may need the use of additional rails to hold the solar panel racking or frames. We also manufacture ballasted footing mounts with concrete or steel bases that do not require penetration of roofs and can stand as individual structures. Our module mounting structures are manufactured using galvalume / pre-galvanized material for longer life and have high mechanical strength to withstand wind speeds of up to 160km/hour. Galvanized structures also prevent rusting and oxidation of structures, ensuring longer life.


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