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Rooftop Solar Solutions for Government Buildings

The government buildings are among the most important infrastructures in any country as all the government administration takes place within these buildings. From the Indian Parliament to the smallest city hospital, from banks to the post offices, they all are part of the government buildings. Most importantly, they all are run and maintained on the taxpayer’s money. Any reduction in the expenditure on these buildings is directly saving the taxpayer’s money. Similarly, in cases of down time due to frequent power cuts, all the essential government services are delayed causing a huge economic loss to the country.

Need for Solar Energy

Like other commercial office buildings, government office buildings are also completely depended on electricity for all its operations. An uninterrupted power supply is prerequisite for its smooth functioning. A solar power solution can provide a cost-effective solution to deal with the power cuts. Also, as more office buildings and infrastructures are getting erected rapidly, they are putting an enormous burden on the existing power infrastructure.

To meet the energy needs, more resources are being exploited. Some are drastically contributing to the increase in Carbon-Dioxide emissions. Any initiative taken by the government itself, sets an example for others to get inspired. Rooftop Solar Panels on the government building will not only save the electricity expenditure but will also motivate other office buildings to adopt solar energy.


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